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Key Jumpp, a self-taught Jamaican artist and founder of CNCPT 6 gallery, discovered his passion for the arts during his childhood but lacked avenues for expression. After moving to the U.S. in middle school, his creativity flourished. Facing challenges in entering formal art circles due to lack of training, he turned this obstacle into motivation and established CNCPT 6. Drawing inspiration from both imagination and reality, Jumpp is devoted to creating and inspiring, offering a platform for artists to exhibit their talents.

Key Jumpp's artistic ideas are a blend of his vivid imagination and the world around him. Drawing inspiration from everyday experiences, emotions, and the raw beauty of nature, he transforms these elements into a unique visual language. Jumpp often finds creativity in the ordinary, turning the mundane into something extraordinary. His art is a reflection of his inner thoughts and feelings, a personal diary made visible to the world. This fusion of external influences and internal reflection makes each of his creations not just a piece of art, but a story waiting to be told.

"As an artist, I explore the unspoken narratives of the soul, translating them into visual stories on canvas and through fashion. My work is a dance of contrasts, where dark palettes meet vibrant colors, reflecting the complexities of life. Drawing inspiration from everyday experiences and the universe’s mysteries, I create art that’s not just seen but felt. Each piece is a conversation, a journey into human emotion, inviting viewers to find their own meaning in the intricate tapestry of colors and forms. Through my art, I aim to connect, inspire, and ignite a dialogue with the observer."




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